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How We Got Started

Zell Manufacturing was founded in 1965 in a small garage in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania by Clifford R. Zell.  Shortly after, Mr. Zell moved his business into a small garage in Export, PA, where his three sons helped him to run the business.  After Mr. Zell's passing, his three sons took the small business on and created the highly efficient manufacturing plant we are today.  

Zell Manufacturing Today

Today we have grown to completely fill a  more then 9000 square foot facility.  With fully automated CNC machinery, custom molding equipment, a completely equipped spray and finishing area, and industrial mitering equipment, we have the tools to make any project come to life.  With an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable staff, we are always looking for exciting new projects to take on. 

Our Approach 

This business was truly born with the heart and soul needed to become a successful small business right here in the USA.  To this day, we still hold these values of hard work, determination, and outstanding customer service at the root of our business plan.  We are forever grateful to every one of our customers and excited for each and every one of our future customers.  Please come join us and let us make your great ideas into a reality.

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