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These are some of the products and machinery we have to offer, but we are always in the market for new and exciting ideas.  So please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
CNC Router Capabilities

CNC equipment has completely revolutionized the manufacturing world.  With a fully automated CNC router and several highly trained and experienced CAD designers/ programmers here at Zell's, we are fully capable of making your ideas into a reality.  Our industrial and fully autonomous CNC router has the speed and efficiency to make your products at a fast and competitively priced rate.

5 Cutter Head Molding Capabilities
molder 2.jpg

Custom moldings, paneling, tongue and groove flooring, and much more are all capable on our industrial molding equipment.  Our experienced technicians can make the perfect moldings to fit your needs.

Glue Clamp Carrier Equipment

Here at Zell Manufacturing we have an industrial size clamp carrier, enabling us to glue up large panels for any application.  This can include custom bench tops, stair treads, counter tops, shelving, and much more.  This machinery also enables us to do this work at an efficient manufacturing level.  Please reach out to us to see what applications are right for you.

Finishing/Painting Capabilities
paint room.jpg

Here at Zell Manufacturing, we have a full size spray booth and finishing area with expertise in painting, staining, and silk screening. We carry a variety of Axalta brand paints and stains in stock.  Let us give your product the perfect finish to give it a great look and the protection it needs to last for years to come. 

Industrial Scale Miter Joint Equipment

We have multiple pieces of equipment that enable us to make perfect miter joints for any application.  From picture frames to box joints, we can make the perfect miter joint for your application.  We can also do this on a large scale manufacturing level to make these products in high quantities at a low and competitive price.

Notching Machine for High Strength Box Joints
box joint.jpg

Creating strong and perfect box joints can be a challenge.  We have the right equipment to fulfill any and all of your box joint needs.  With our notching machine, we can make high quality box joints that are sure to have a great look and a lasting construction.

Plastics and Aluminum Projects 

Here at Zell Manufacturing, we do have experience with machining various types of plastics, acrylic sheets, and some aluminum materials on our CNC equipment.  We are always open to new ideas, so if you have a project in need of CNC equipment, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We will do our absolute best to make your idea happen.

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